Grapefruit Diet

By January 28, 2013Fruit, Recipes, Snacks

Sorry to tell you but there is no magic grapefruit diet that will make you wake up one morning fifteen pounds lighter.  But I can tell you however that eating a grapefruit a day will boost your metabolism, give you energy and keep you healthier.   Hopefully then you can get up and exercise and get healthy. Let me tell you a little bit about the grapefruit…

The grapefruit is a sort of a crossbred between the orange and the pomelo. Grapefruits are found in three colors: red grapefruit, white grapefruit and pink grapefruit. One of the great health benefits of grapefruit is that they are loaded with Vitamin C. Other than Vitamin C, grapefruit has other essential nutrients and minerals that aid in helping to treat a large amount of diseases from colds to cancer. Some of the minerals include calcium, iron and potassium.

Here are some examples of the health benefits of grapefruits.

1. Lower cholesterol – Pectin is a form for of fiber that is present in grapefruits that reduces cholesterol. Studies have shown that grapefruits lower bad cholesterol.

2. Vitamin C – Like most citrus fruits, grapefruits are an excellent source Vitamin C.   So a grapefruit a day can help you ward off the common cold.

3. Cancer – Research has shown that Vitamin C can provide protection against lung and colon cancer. Colon and lung cancer have certain enzymes that trigger chemicals. This can be prevented by eating a grapefruit a day

4. Diabetes – Many diabetics eat grapefruit as part of their daily diet.  Eating more  grapefruit helps lower the starches and sweets in the body.

5. Fatigue –  Who doesn’t suffer from fatigue and exhaustion.  Today’s fast paced society,  can take a toll on your body leaving you exhausted.  Try a some grapefruit juice mixed with some lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey for a quick pick me up.

6. Digestive Disorder – When people drink grapefruit juice, it increases the flow of gastric juices and this in turn helps with digestion.

7. Blood Pressure – The Potassium level is very high in grapefruits.  It is known that consuming potassium will help control blood pressure.

8. Atherosclerosis – Grapefruits also  contains pectin that lowers the accumulation of arterial deposits.  Plus the Vitamin C in the grapefruit helps to make the arteries stronger. Stronger arteries with less deposits means less stress on the heart thus a longer more full life.

Here is a video link for more great information about grapefruits.

So get up and eat a grapefruit a day.  You will feel the difference, and your friends will notice it too.