Prosciutto and Arugula Broomsticks

By December 20, 2013Holiday, Meats, Snacks, Vegetables

This is a simple, fun elegant appetizer. The crunchy breadstick, the saltiness of the prosciutto and the pepperiness of the arugula are so yummy. Try them at your next party.


12 slices prosciutto
12 thick breadsticks or 24 thin breadsticks
2 cups baby arugula


Lay a strip of prosciutto on a board then put a small amount of arugula at one end so it extends above the prosciutto. Put the breadstick so the very top of it is at the top of the prosciutto slice. Now roll the prosciutto slice over the breadstick and continue to roll it snug. When you pick it up it should look like a small broom. I enjoy arranging these in a mason jar so it looks like a bouquet. To serve just pick one up and… Enjoy