Corrado’s Simple Backyard BBQ

A backyard bbq is the perfect way to enjoy good any day with great friends and delicious food. The key to a successful and easy bbq is grilled food and easy side dishes. The most popular foods for backyard bbq’s are hamburgers, hotdogs, and ribs, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans, and various deserts. Many people try to go over the top and get fancy but by just following a few simple tips you can keep it simple and delicious.

Step 1
Have some simple appetizers prepared ahead of time. Try some cut up veggies with hummus. A platter of your favorite cheeses and salamis, skewer some melon balls and wrap them in prosciutto. Or marinate cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella balls in olive oil and herbs then skewer on toothpicks. These foods should be small and easy to eat while walking around, socializing and enjoying a cocktail.

Step 2
Have a signature cocktail. This is so easy and it will be the hit of the party. Setting up a full bar is messy and time consuming. Try mixing lemonade, tea and vodka, or make simple sangria with wine and your favorite fruit. Your drink should be light, refreshing and make sure you garnish with fruit to bring in some color.

Step 3
Don’t make too many different types of meats. Over-doing it will just leave you with lots of leftovers. Making hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs or sausage is more than enough for a successful bbq. If you like you can add grilled shrimp. You can jazz up your menu by turning boring chicken into kabobs and adding colorful vegetables. As far as burgers and hot dogs, it’s all about toppings. More on that later.

Steps 4
Whatever you cook, make sure it is well seasoned before it goes on the grill. The biggest mistake at a bbq is not seasoning your food. You should season all of your meat generously with salt and pepper as when it hits the grill much on the seasoning will come off. Marinating is also an excellent way to bring flavor to your food.

A liquid marinate usually contains three components: an acid, such as vinegar, wine or citrus juice; an oil, which protects the meat from drying out; and flavorings, such as herbs, spices and vegetables. Almost any food can be marinated, even vegetables.

This solution of salt, sugar, water, spices and herbs. Brine delivers seasoning and moisture to large cuts of meat. Brining is most popular with pork and chicken,
Spice Rub

This mixture of salt, spices and herbs is rubbed onto the surface of meat, poultry or fish before cooking.

Step 5
Arrange a toppings bar with traditional toppings as well as some elaborate toppings. Loaded with toppings like bacon, avocado, mango or corn salsa, caramelized onions, hot peppers and a variety of cheeses. Along with ketchup, have several other sauces such as barbecue, Dijon mustard, and Thousand Island dressing.
The toppings bar will allow your guests to create their own memorable burger or dog. You can even have a friendly competition for the most original creation.

Step 6
Don’t forget your veggies. Grilled vegetable is perfect as a starter, a side, a topping or as a great option for your friends that don’t eat meat.

Step 7
For dessert, grilled fruit is easy and refreshing: Try grilled peaches drizzled with honey and yogurt.

Step 8
Most important, don’t stress and have fun!!